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Transforming Nuclear Imaging... this is Spectrum Dynamics. Our sole focus is the development of high-definition, functional imaging technology that meets the clinical and workflow demands of today’s diagnostic imaging market. A field void of major gamma camera developments for the past two decades.

Spectrum Dynamics is synonymous with industry breakthrough. With a diverse portfolio that includes over 70 patents, patent applications and preparation applications, plus accessories that assure quality control and complete patient data collection and verification throughout the imaging process.


D-SPECT Cardio

Dedicated Cardiac CZT System

Nine Digital CZT-Based Detectors.

The CZT modules, which consist of CZT plus the electronics, are populated on a column with Tungsten collimators in front which channel the photons to the detector array. Using Tungsten collimators rather than lead eliminates potential lead X-ray which can degrade image quality.

The semiconductor, CZT, combined with our unique implementation of hardware and software, offers superior performance advantages over Sodium Iodide. The most important is the dramatic improvements in sensitivity and energy resolution. This gives the D-SPECT® Cardio the ability to acquire ultra low dose and simultaneous multiple energy studies.


MIM Software

Integrated Image Processing

Integrated Image Processing Software to Simplify Workflow.

With the power of a customized MIM software version, MIM-SD, built directly into the VERITON®system, technologists have the opportunity to streamline their workflow and maximize their time with more focus on the patient. Additional vendor neutral MIM modules available as well.

  • Automated ROI (region of interest) generation through customizable workows

  • Ability to save sessions for faster review by physicians

  • Ability to add and edit ROIs after the technologist processes a session.

  • Integrated processing workstation solution for Spectrum Dynamics CZT systems.



360° CZT Digital SPECT-CT

Twelve Digital CZT-Based Detectors

Building on VERITON SPECT system’s exclusive design of 360° CZT simultaneous detector coverage for total body 3D tomographic scan, clinicians have a new digital SPECT/CT diagnostic tool. Introducing VERITON-CT: high resolution CT capabilities for lesion localization, attenuation correction, quantitative reconstruction and non-hybrid diagnostic CT applications.

Also available as a SPECT only solution.

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